Weddings & Unions

A love note to your favorite drinks

Bring a little more fun to your wedding, union, or engagement party with an unforgettable bar experience! Instead of ho-hum drinks and mixers, Silver Julep brings beautiful, seasonal craft cocktails, local beer and wine on tap, and expert bartenders to impress your guests.

We can’t wait to help you create a love note to your favorite drinks!


What Silver Julep Brings to the Celebration


Expert bartenders

We hire the best bartenders around, that means that every drink is crafted to exacting standards and Silver Julep’s staff can quickly and efficiently serve your guests - no waiting in endless lines for drinks.

Seamless hospitality

One of our core values at Silver Julep is seamless hospitality.

When you hire us we promise not only a beautiful bar setup and distinctive drinks, but that you can trust us to deliver a worry-free experience at your wedding.

Thoughtful details

Silver Julep is endlessly customizable with fun, thoughtful little details. We can engrave ice cubes with initials, hearts, or a meaningful date; personalize our iconic Airstream trailer with your names, wedding hashtag, or even a custom vinyl wrap; and work with your florist on flower installations or your sign-artist on a beautiful menu.


Custom signature cocktails

Our award-winning team works with you to blend signature drinks to capture you, and your partner’s favorite flavors.

Ready for adventure

Silver Julep can roll up to just about any location in all of Oregon. That means we can bring our unforgettable bar experience to campgrounds and forests, beautiful old buildings and big halls. All we need is 23 feet of space, a little wiggle room to get Silver Julep in place and no more than a 5-10% grade (read: no huge hills.) While we can operate Silver Julep “off the grid” a hook-up to power and water is extra nice.

More than just a bar

Silver Julep can transform to be a part of any wedding adventure. We’ve become the spot for guests to taste wedding cake or dessert, grab popcorn and cotton candy, play lawn games, and even turned our trailer’s interior into a champagne hideaway so you, and your favorite people, can have a private toast.