Silver Julep is Portland, Oregon’s award-winning bar caterer in a classic Airstream trailer.

We designed and built Silver Julep to be the perfect bar: a blend of old and new, iconic style and modern touches, fun and function, craft cocktails and seamless hospitality.


Our mission

Bring a more memorable bar experience to your weddings, festivals, marketing events and parties!


Our Bar Car


Silver Julep is 23’ long and can go anywhere as long as our truck can pull her there!

We prefer to have no more than a 5% in grade, which means we need a relatively flat surface.


We are capable of going off the grid. We have water and electricity from a 2000 watt generator.

When possible, we like to be hooked up to water and electricity via standard 120 volt outlet.


Our Sister Company

Mint and Mirth built a name throwing fancy cocktail parties for events large and small.

With Silver Julep, we’re taking our beautiful craft cocktails (and local beers and wines on tap) almost anywhere you can dream up. 


The Founder

The visionary behind Silver Julep,
Kate Bolton knows great drinks. 


With multiple awards under her belt and almost twenty years of hospitality experience, Kate’s earned her spot as one of the best bartenders on the West Coast. 

Kate was named a San Francisco Chronicle Bar Star (2012), an Eater and Nighty Awards Bartender of the Year (2013, 2014), in 2014 her menu at Maven was honored as 7x7 Magazine’s Best Cocktail Menu and in 2016 The Oregonian voted her cocktail program at Americano as Portland’s Bar of the Year.

A partner in San Francisco’s Maven, and creator of the bar program for Portland’s Mae, Kate’s cocktails blend history, culinary touches, an encyclopedic knowledge of spirits and a certain West Coast sensibility for something sophisticated, playful and truly unique.

When she’s not creating new and distinctive cocktails, Kate is adventuring and hanging out with her husband and her two rambunctious daughters. You’ll find them camping, road-tripping, crabbing and shucking oysters (with bubbly for the grown-ups of course!) all up and down the West Coast.

Dreaming up and building Silver Julep is a dream come true for Kate, she can’t wait to be part of your adventures!



Tamara shaking a cocktail


Where most bartenders present perfectly average cocktails balancing sugar with citrus and calling it good, Tamara Hattar utilizes her 5 year career in the kitchen to give cocktails a truly culinary edge. From State Bird Provisions in SF to Ava Genes in Portland, Tam has been mentored by some of the best chefs on the West Coast. With a keen eye for ingredients and a focus on seasonality, this flavor babe is a natural behind the bar and embodies the Silver Julep/Mint and Mirth ethos. Garnishes have never looked so good!

Lalo straining a cocktail


Science has proven that nobody within a 100-ft radius of Lalo Morales can be sad. Anyone with this much warmth and work ethic is usually cursed with a true passion for hospitality. If the court jester was also the strongest warrior, he would be called Lalo. An Air Force Veteran born in San Diego and raised in San Francisco, you’ve never seen someone more happy to hand you a drink. Except for the last time you saw him, of course!



Dillon Lockwood is an astronaut, triple-platinum recording artist, and bartender. (Only one of these is true). His 10 years in the bar industry have gained him a very unique skill set. From distiller to soda jerk and bar prep wizard to punch maven, Dillon is our Swiss Army Knife. Basically he's Liam Neeson, and you just took his daughter...